(ARA) - Activities such as soccer practice, football games, student council meetings, volunteer events and parent-teacher conferences tend to fill family schedules in the fall, quickly replacing the...

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(ARA) - Forget the days when home security systems were intended only to keep the bad guys out.

"Today's security systems don't just respond to an emergency by calling out the police or fire...

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In the past seven years, social media has expanded like wildfire in the United States and across the world. Currently there are more than 750 million users on one social media site alone.


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Summer's arrival can push family members in many different directions as everyone tries to make the most of their free time. Yet there's one activity that most families will participate in together:...

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After what has seemed like an eternity, the NFL lockout has finally been lifted. Players and owners alike were able to find common ground and agree on terms that were beneficial to everyone. Now,...

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