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Think of the countless times when your life has come to a grinding halt due to a slow PC and how frustrating the experience was. Whether you are a CEO, small-business owner, student, or someone at...

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(ARA) - If you use complex passwords for your online accounts, have a firewall on your PC's Internet connection and only shop at secure websites, you may think you're doing a good job protecting...

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(ARA) - When you were a kid, the high-tech items on your back-to-school shopping list probably consisted of nothing more exotic than a pocket calculator and the latest leading-edge running shoes....

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(ARA) - What have you done today to damage your hearing? You might think that you haven't done anything that would put you at risk, but a surprising number of everyday situations and common actions...

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(ARA) - Discussing classic literature and solving equations are still essential components of high school curriculums, but is your child also learning HTML coding or basic computer programming? With...

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