Reuters: Oddly Enough

(ARA) - Every year, lists fly around the Internet and airwaves, parents line up in stores and everyone talks about what the season's hottest toys will be. All the chatter can make it seem like...

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Revenge of The Electric Car: Interview with Director Chris Paine

Chris Paine takes EN! anchor Thalia Assuras for a ride in his Tesla Roadster

Environmental filmmaker Chris Paine has documented much of the modern history of electric vehicles in America. Five years...

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electric cars Gordon Murray

Below is the last “Energy Opportunites” video I’ve been meaning to share. This one is of Gordon Murray. Gordon was a “car designer and winner, with McLaren, of five...

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electric armored car

Some more cool cleantech consumer products or news about consumer products:

  1. SunPower has released an AC solar panel series that is “designed to bring clean solar power to homes that have...

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home energy app

Envirolytics, a Canadian mobile software company with a green vein, has created a pretty cool-looking iPhone app that helps you to save energy (donate an iPhone and I’ll be happy to test...

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