Reuters: Oddly Enough

(ARA) - The building anticipation, the frantic ripping of wrapping paper and the discovery of what those colorful packages hold - holidays and birthdays are great times to be a kid. But as any parent...

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Revenge of The Electric Car: Interview with Director Chris Paine

Chris Paine takes EN! anchor Thalia Assuras for a ride in his Tesla Roadster

Environmental filmmaker Chris Paine has documented much of the modern history of electric vehicles in America. Five years...

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electric cars Gordon Murray

Below is the last “Energy Opportunites” video I’ve been meaning to share. This one is of Gordon Murray. Gordon was a “car designer and winner, with McLaren, of five...

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electric armored car

Some more cool cleantech consumer products or news about consumer products:

  1. SunPower has released an AC solar panel series that is “designed to bring clean solar power to homes that have...

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home energy app

Envirolytics, a Canadian mobile software company with a green vein, has created a pretty cool-looking iPhone app that helps you to save energy (donate an iPhone and I’ll be happy to test...

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