Keeping the season fun and festive at work can take on a lot of different forms. recently surveyed close to 400 people through social media to find out what was going in their office this holiday season. Here's what people found to be the most important to them this year:

Snacks are a must
Odds are you're getting ready to plan and/or attend your workplace's holiday party. The vast majority - more than 90 percent - of the survey participants say they are looking forward to their holiday office party, while 84 percent said great snacks and desserts are a must. Staples has coffee, water and snacks for your office party, as well as other necessities like paper plates, foam and plastic cups, and small appliances if you need extra food storage.

Cards for co-workers
While you may save the glossy, family-photo-themed holiday cards for family and close friends, more than half of the people surveyed said they were giving cards to co-workers this year. As for the practice of including a family newsletter with your holiday card, 53 percent said thanks, but no thanks, we don't need to hear the details of the past year.

Gifting optional
A majority of people surveyed say they are planning on giving gifts to workers and nearly 76 percent say that gift baskets are an appropriate gift. Gift swaps aren't as common at workplaces - only 36 percent say their workplace has one - and they aren't that popular, with 35 percent of those people taking part in them.

When it comes to giving the boss gifts, the survey was split. Half said they were not gifting, and 10 percent were still undecided - they said it depended on how nice their boss was to them over the next several weeks.

Where are people shopping?
This year more than 61 percent of the people surveyed said they'd be shopping for gifts online, including 33 percent who said they'd be shopping online on Cyber Monday, versus 21 percent who said they'd be going to a store on Black Friday. As a small business you may want to take advantage of sites like, that have pre-Cyber Monday sales on Sunday, Nov. 27, to get your shopping done before you head into the office.

When it comes to delivering the gifts, people still go for the personal touch, as 82 percent said they would deliver presents in person instead of shipping them to friends and family.

Paying close attention to what your staff wants and has come to expect from the office can help ensure you and your co-workers enjoy a happy and productive holiday season.What's up in the workplace this holiday season?
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