(ARA) - Life moves fast. If you aren't ready to seize the day, you might miss out on some amazing adventures right in front of you: a beautiful day outside, a local musical performance, a spontaneous road trip to visit old friends. Any way you slice it, you don't want to be wishing you had been there.

To be sure you aren't missing out, pick up these items and head out the front door! No matter where your adventures take you, you'll always be ready to live your life to the max.

Refuel on-the-go: Starbucks makes wholesome and delicious food readily available in grab-and-go packaging. New Bistro Boxes, including Chipotle Chicken Wraps and Sesame Noodles, are portable and resealable, so you can bring them anywhere your adventures take you. They're made with a balance of protein, whole grains, fruit, and veggies that will keep you refueled, refreshed, and ready for action. And all under 500 calories!

A good read: Find a mystery book, comedy story, romance novel or whatever suits your interest (rather than something everyone else tells you that you should be into) and you'll always have something to do while you're laying on the beach, relaxing at a cafe or waiting in line to see the latest blockbuster.

Icy cool: How can you make sure you're always energized and ready to jump into fun? That perfect iced coffee or tea can go a long way in getting you ready for the day. Luckily, all the classic iced beverages are available at Starbucks and made just the way you like them so you can stay refreshed all day long.

Ready for rays: You never know when you'll be spending time at the park or even on a road trip, and with the weather is constantly changing, the best way to avoid getting a sunburn is to apply sunscreen whenever you find yourself out under the sun. Plus, you'll avoid having to decline future invitations because you're too sunburned to get dressed.

Point-and-shoot: One of the best ways to spend your morning is going over all the hilarious pictures from the day before. If you always have your little point and shoot at your side you'll be ready to capture every moment of the day so you can keep sharing your favorite memories with your friends long after the sun goes down.

The best part? These things all fit in a purse or a weekend bag making it super easy to be ready to head out the door on a moment's notice. Just be sure to look around every once in awhile and not miss what's coming your way.Maximize your fun - one day at a time
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