(ARA) - Discovering new and unique tasty foods can be tricky, but The Dannon Company just made it deliciously simple. New, great-tasting Activia Selects French, Greek and Parfait yogurts, inspired by cultural recipes, will satisfy cravings for something delicious and allow yogurt lovers nationwide to explore new tastes and textures while still enjoying the benefits of Activia.

For Johnny Iuzzini, award-winning executive pastry chef and "Top Chef Just Desserts" head judge, Activia Selects represent a way for yogurt lovers to enjoy unique styles and flavors, while satisfying individual taste preferences. "These new yogurts are about finding a taste that fits with your personality," he says. "And that is what I appreciate most about them."

A new style for eating right

With Activia Selects, yogurt fans have a large selection of flavors and styles to choose from. They also have the satisfaction of knowing that whatever their choice, it will also have the Activia benefit for their digestive systems.

"Digestive wellbeing is important to me, and Americans stop me on the street every day to tell me that it matters to them, too," says Jamie Lee Curtis, actress and Activia spokesperson. She stars in a new commercial for Activia Selects in which she takes the viewer on a tour of the world's great tasting yogurts that provided the inspiration for the new, delicious French and Greek styles of Activia Selects. "Activia Selects offers even more choices that can help regulate digestive systems when consumed every day for two weeks as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, while still enjoying what you eat."

Activia Selects are three new styles for yogurt enthusiasts to enjoy, reflecting a variety of foodie cultures and taste preferences. Influenced by France's food culture, French style has a deliciously silky taste. Greek style, rich and textured, is fat-free and an excellent source of calcium and protein. Finally, Parfait style tops lowfat yogurt with granola for a balance between smooth and crunchy.

Each style offers its own benefits, whether that's soothing a sweet tooth, helping you stay fulfilled, or providing a combination of textures to satisfy food cravings.

"I'm always looking for new ways to eat well while still enjoying my favorite tastes," says Iuzzini. "Activia Selects present lots of new possibilities for snacking or as an addition to mealtime."

Activia: Ongoing commitment to digestive wellness

Activia Selects contain Bifidus Regularis, the exclusive probiotic culture and when consumed daily for two weeks as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, helps regulate the digestive system.Changing the culture of yogurt
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