(ARA)- No matter what dress you wear or whether it rains or shines, your wedding day is guaranteed to be one of the most wonderful days of your life. The careful planning you do leading up to the big event will ensure that everything goes smoothly, but the most important thing to remember is that your wedding should be an expression - and a celebration - of who you are as a couple.

The art of personalization is the biggest trend in weddings. For today's brides and grooms, a cookie-cutter wedding is a thing of the past. Taking a creative approach to the details of your wedding will make it as memorable an event for your guests as it is for you. Luckily, it's easier than ever to craft a truly unique event today, as more wedding vendors are offering customizable options in everything from stationery to rings.

To create a wedding that is uniquely your own, consider these tips for customizing some of the most important elements of the day.

* The ceremony. Whether you're getting married in a church or a secular setting, it's easy to put a customized spin on your ceremony. Take time to study readings carefully, selecting passages that are particularly meaningful to you and your fiance. In your wedding programs, you can add notes to let your guests know why you've chosen each reading. The same can be done for any song selections you make for the ceremony.

* Engagement and wedding rings. Because they are the eternal outward symbol of your marriage, the selection of your rings - both your engagement ring and wedding bands - is important. Rather than selecting something pre-made, look for customizable options from jewelers like Gemvara.com, where you can select the setting style, stone and metals used in your ring, without compromising quality. And for brides who prefer gemstone engagement rings to traditional diamonds, the ability to customize is essential. You'll wear your ring every day for the rest of your life, but with a customized ring, you'll be guaranteed to never see another quite like it.

* Attire. Having a gown custom made is one way to be certain that your wedding dress is completely unique. Even if you choose a style from one of the many bridal gown designers, from David's Bridal to Vera Wang, you can still find ways to give it your own stylish spin. Add an adorned ribbon belt for a pop of color, or pin on a dramatic heirloom brooch that speaks to your family's history. Small touches such as these can completely change your look.

* Music. Many couples spend a lot of time choosing just the right song for their first dance together as husband and wife, but you can make the choice a little easier by picking out an entire playlist of your favorite songs. Some couples are opting to set up a system on their own, using iPods and rented speakers, but you can also give your band leader or DJ a list of songs that you want played throughout the evening.

* Decor. From flowers to favors, your wedding decor gives you many opportunities to say "this is who we are as a couple." For your flowers, take a cue from one of the most famous brides of recent years: Kate Middleton. Kate's floral selection carried a special meaning, especially her choice to include "Sweet William" flowers as a romantic nod to her groom. Choose favors that say something about your favorite activities or foods, or give guests a copy of your customized music playlist.

The spotlight truly shines on you and your fiance on your wedding day, so take the opportunity to let everyone know just how unique your love is.Creative ways to customize for a wedding that's uniquely 'you'
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