(ARA) - Have you ever wondered why you use certain brands when it comes to products like food, laundry detergent, toilet paper and toothpaste? The same can be said for the kind of tires you put on your car or the automotive products you use. We often make our decisions based on the people who influence us every day. These influencers could be parents, friends, professionals and advertisements in the media or on the Internet. Unfortunately, what was once the best product to meet our needs a few years ago or even a month ago, may not be what we need in our lives today. This is particularly true when you consider car products such as motor oil.

As a kid you may have watched your dad or older brother change the oil in his car or truck in the garage, and their brand loyalty transferred to your own buying habits. "I used a particular brand for years because that's what my dad used," says Shawn Kelly of Baytown, Texas. The next time you reach for your next quart of oil, ask yourself what made you choose one brand over the others on the shelf.

In the past, there was a common perception about motor oil: "If it's thicker, it must be better." That old adage is no longer true for today's motor oils. As new vehicle models are released each year, engineers are making tweaks and improvements in car designs not only to the body, but under the hood as well. As a result, with motor oil standards set forth by the Society of Automotive Engineers, American Petroleum Institute licensing and emissions standards, motor oil manufacturers must constantly try to meet the needs of the new engines by improving their formulations and product lines.

If you currently use conventional motor oil, there are several reasons to consider using synthetic motor oil like Royal Purple. Synthetic oils are base oils mixed with additives that can provide benefits like protecting the engine from corrosion and extending the drain intervals, which means fewer oil changes and less waste disposed in the environment. Synthetic oils come in a variety of viscosities or thicknesses that are suitable for your vehicle. These include oils for newer models and vehicles still under warranty, like Royal Purple's SAE SN motor oils that are available in mono-grade and multi-grade viscosities. For older vehicles no longer under warranty, and those drivers seeking better performance and protection, Royal Purple offers their High Performance Street (HPS) motor oil series that includes the proprietary additive technology Synerlec.

Next time you're talking cars, ask your dad why he buys the brands he does, and you might find he was influenced by his own dad or mentor. These days, parents are being educated by their children about new products on the market. If you are considering a change to synthetic oil, consult your owner's manual about the correct viscosity motor oil to use and make sure you will not void your warranty. If you have specific questions about Royal Purple synthetic motor oil or products, visit the Frequently Asked Questions section at www.royalpurple.com, or email your specific questions to the Royal Purple Technical Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..For better automotive performance, reconsider the old maintenance standbys

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