(NewsUSA) - Polar bears are loved by people of all ages, all around the world. These magnificent, powerful animals live nowhere else except the Arctic, and they need our help.

Coca-Cola and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are joining forces to help protect the polar bear's Arctic habitat. Together they are raising awareness and funds for conservation efforts to create a safe haven for the polar bear. The program is called "Arctic Home."

To call attention to the cause, for the first time ever, Coca-Cola is turning its iconic red Coke cans white. Shoppers will find these limited-edition cans on store shelves this holiday season. Bottle caps of many other Coke products will also be white.

Coca-Cola is making an initial donation of $2 million to WWF, but they need everyone's help to protect the bears' home. To get involved:

* Text the package code to 357357 to make an individual $1 donation to WWF. Coca-Cola will match donations made with a package code by March 15, 2012, up to $1 million.

* Donate and receive a virtual Arctic parcel at ArcticHome.com. You can explore your parcel, take part in video chats with WWF scientists and track virtual polar bear sightings.

* Visit ArcticHome.com to experience and learn more about the polar bear and its habitat.

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Help Protect the Polar Bear's Arctic Home

To help start a buzz about polar bear conservation efforts, Coca-Cola is turning its blazing red cans to arctic white.

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