Big retailers have traditionally been the businesses to see the biggest boost on Black Friday, and Cyber Monday helps online merchants. If you're a small-business owner, you now have a day when consumers are thinking about you - Nov. 26 is Small Business Saturday - and smart use of social media can help you make the most of it.

More than 200...

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(ARA) - The U.S. Army has one of the largest comprehensive systems of health care in the country and offers physicians the chance to provide high-quality patient care without concern about the business side of running a practice. Army physicians often practice in diverse environments - from large hospitals in major American cities to rural clinics...

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(ARA) - Branding isn't just for the big guys. Small businesses can launch, grow and expand through clear and consistent messaging and marketing, just like larger companies do.

If you're a small-business owner, creating a distinct brand image for your product or service is essential - and can be accomplished through some very simple methods. Karen...

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(ARA) - In the age of wireless communication, telecommuting and global travel, a professional's "office" has become more of a virtual world located anywhere from a hip coffee shop to a busy airport. This makes creating one's stationary office fun, stimulating and imaginative even more important.

There are ways to accomplish a more collaborative...

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With the holiday shopping season approaching, Santa's workshop isn't the only thing buzzing with activity. Search engine activity spikes every year as the holidays approach. It's likely that your current and potential customers are creating at least some of that online activity.

Search engine activity follows the same flow as in-store shopping...

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