(ARA) - "Get a fair shake, not a shake down," appropriately reads the headline of Money magazine's recent article about Americans' discontent with their bank. The story, in Money's September 2011 issue, reports that 37 percent of Americans are satisfied with their banking institution and just 27 percent of customers who bank with the nation's...

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(ARA) - In recent years, many people have focused on simply getting or keeping a job - and given the persistently high unemployment figures, that has been a reasonable reaction. But focusing on simply maintaining can cause problems in the long run of your career. Those who are focused on the future, whatever their line of work, know that to really...

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Business is all about technology, and, for the most part, always has been. But even though mobile offices, telecommuting and Web-based functions dominate today's business atmosphere, some of the traditional aspects of business shouldn't be forgotten.

For those who own and operate their own small businesses, the pressure to innovate is always there...

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The holiday retail season seems to start earlier every year - for shoppers and for small business owners. If you're on the supply side of that equation, any moment lost in preparing for the season might end up as profit lost. Constructing a plan to ramp up sales for the season should be a top priority as the cool air of autumn starts to filter in.


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As a small business owner, you know that any moment could be your next business opportunity. Therefore, you would never want to lose an opportunity because you were missing one of the key tools in your marketing arsenal.

Whether it's checking in with the email marketing company you work with to make sure you're staying in contact with your...

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