• Samsung Q9 Cyber Monday Deals 2018

    Looking for 2018's hottest Cyber Monday items? Find Samsung Q9 Cyber Monday deals, and get info on the best selling Cyber Monday items here.

  • 'Many' candidates vying for chief of staff job, Trump says

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Wanted: Top aide to most powerful leader in world. Chief qualification: Willing to take the job. Must also be prepared to tolerate regular undermining by boss and risk of steep legal bills. Post-employment prospects: Uncertain.

  • S&P 500 rises in choppy session; shutdown threat, trade in focus

    Wall Street's three major indexes turned higher in a volatile session as investors appeared hopeful about China-U.S. trade talks, reversing an earlier slump that coincided with President Donald Trump's threat to shut down the U.S. government. A U.S. official told Reuters late in the trading session that China has indicated it will cut tariffs on U.S. autos to 15 percent from 40 percent but that the Trump administration was awaiting formal documentation and timing.

  • Why Ctrip Stock Lost 13% in November

    News of modest sales growth and rising expenses added further downward pressure to the Chinese travel booking company's shares.

  • McDonald's to curb antibiotic use in its beef supply

    The move by the world’s biggest fast-food chain addresses concerns that the overuse of antibiotics vital to fighting human infections in farm animals may diminish the drugs' effectiveness in people. McDonald's becomes the biggest beef buyer to tackle the issue in cattle, potentially creating a new standard for livestock producers and threatening sales by drug companies. "McDonald's iconic position and the fact that they're the largest single global purchaser of beef make it hugely important," said David Wallinga, a senior health adviser for the environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council.

  • Canada-China relations turn icy over arrest of Chinese exec

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — China has detained a former Canadian diplomat in Beijing in apparent retaliation for the jailing of a top Chinese executive at the request of the United States, escalating a legal and diplomatic wrangle between the three countries.

  • The Latest: US condemns detention of Canadian in China

    TORONTO (AP) — The Latest on the detention of a former Canadian diplomat in China (all times local):

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  • UK to continue to grant contracts to embattled Interserve: FT

    Britain does not see Interserve as another Carillion , which collapsed in a mass of debt and pension dues in January, the FT reported, citing government sources. Government tenders expected to be released early next year include a contract to provide housing for asylum seekers and another running a back-to-work program for the unemployed, the newspaper said. The British government and Interserve had no immediate comment when contacted by Reuters.

  • 3 Reasons XPO Logistics Stock Is Tumbling Further After Dropping 15.1% in November

    Earnings, a rival's move, and a potential sell-off by a hedge fund could be triggering fears among XPO Logistics investors.

(ARA) - As winter approaches and the outdoor temperature drops, energy consumption is on the rise. Homeowners can implement these five tips to help reduce their home's energy use and costs, yet maintain a warm and comfortable indoor environment, this winter.

Energy audit
If you want to reduce your home's energy costs, a home energy assessment or audit is a good place to start. While many homeowners can observe obvious air leaks on their own, a professional energy auditor will go into greater detail, checking a home's exterior and interior room-by-room, for undetectable energy wasters. A professional will also review your recent utility bills before recommending ways to decrease household energy consumption. Many electric or gas companies provide professional energy assessments or can recommend a local auditor.

During the winter, people tend to use more artificial lighting to make up for the decrease in daylight. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, switching from incandescent light bulbs to more efficient compact florescent bulbs (CFLs) or light emitting diodes (LEDs) can save up to $50 a year in energy costs. Another easy way to reduce energy consumption during the winter holiday season is to use a timer on your festive decorative lights. Your local home improvement stores should carry a variety of inexpensive timer models to choose from.

Water heating
Lowering the thermostat on your water heater by 10 degrees can help save between 3 and 5 percent in energy costs. In addition, keeping your water heater set at 120 degrees will slow corrosion in your water heater and pipes, allowing them to operate at their most efficient. Insulate your water heater tank and any accessible hot water pipes using pre-cut insulation pieces available at most home improvement stores. The pre-cut pieces are easy to install and may prevent your pipes from freezing in the winter.

Indoor heating
It's tempting to turn up the heat when the weather cools; however, during the winter months, you can save as much as 3 percent of heating costs for every degree your thermostat is lowered. A professional heating and cooling contractor can recommend and install a programmable thermostat like the AccuLink(TM) Platinum ZV Control from American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning that allows homeowners to create heating schedules for when no one is home ensuring greater energy efficiency and enhanced indoor comfort. Learn more at www.americanstandardair.com.

Adding more insulation where you already have some, in your home's attic, for example, will help to save energy. However greater energy savings are often found when installing insulation into places that are not currently insulated. A home energy auditor can help identify how much insulation you currently have and how much you need, in addition to which type of installation to install.

During the winter, energy costs can make a big dent in the family budget; however, there are a few easy things you can do to lower your home's energy consumption. Find comfort and joy in your home this season by reducing energy costs and efficiently heating your home.Five tips to stay warm and reduce energy costs
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